SSS (Super Second Saturdays) 2007, a block of the month quilt

If I can keep up with it, this has got to be one of the best deals - $5 to join, and as long as bring the completed block with me to the quilt shop the next month at the appropriate time, I get the next month's block free!

There were three colorways from which to choose, and I chose the Thimbleberries palette (the other two were pastels and 1930's), since I haven't worked with that palette before.

I picked up my finishing kit along with my block for November. Here is a sneak peek of the layout of the quilt.

Layout - sneak peek

Here is the quilt top, complete
SSS 2007 quilt top complete

Quilted by Linda, February 2008
Quilted 2008

This photo shows the back of the quilt, which really shows off the quilting pattern - 4 different leaves, very nice! Longarm quilted by Linda Gray
Quilting pattern - leaves