Cross Stitch

Autumn Fairy

Happy Dancing! My second cross stitch happy of 2013 - Chatelaine's Autumn (Pear Tree) Fairy, finished July 28


Jared Takes a Wife

First finish of 2014, Bonnie Hunter's Jared Takes a Wife, finished June 24.


Knitted socks

I started and finished a pair of socks in the same year, yay! I also recently finished a lacy keyhole scarf, both finished in December.

Melissa, aka Doodle-head Hello! I'm Doodle-head, otherwise known as Melissa. It's a nickname affectionately bestowed by my wonderfully supportive husband, because of all of my hobbies. I'm always busy working on something, whether it is some form of needlework or quilting, my house, my web site... mostly though, it's some form of needlework.

I first learned how to cross stitch in 1982, in Home Ec class. Little did my teacher, Mrs. Tenpenny, know what sort of an obsession this would create.

My other needlework hobbies include quilting, crochet, beginner-knitting, bead work, and some other occasional sewing. I also love to read, play video games, watch lots of tv, listen to music, and visit with my stitchin' buddies.